Employment Law

Before finding the employment law advice you need, it is important to understand what employment law is. Employment law is also called Labour Law. In a nutshell, it is a system that was designed to protect employees with a set of laws requiring employers to follow standards in treating their employees. 

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This is a necessary system developed by the government to oversee basic human rights in the workplace. Some examples are providing health insurance benefits to the workers and their families. Employment law also protects the workers from being discriminated against due to religion, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or even being a war veteran.

Employment law was designed to cover a wide variety of topics regarding the relationship between the employee and the employer. In most countries, the employment law mentions rights and obligations stated in a private contract between the employee and the employer. And in this contract, there is usually a common law or legislation implied.

Labour law sets standards for employers. They must provide their employees safety and a healthy workplace. The laws also keep employers from taking advantage of overworking their employees without overtime pay.

The first wave of employment law came to establish fair wages and forbid child exploitation in the workplace. Creating a ceiling for weekly work hours and establishing work safety standards were next steps, along with clean workplace rules.

Nowadays, employment laws mostly cover two types of protection. The first of them are collective labour laws, usually negotiated between employers and employee unions. These laws cover union strikes, picketing, and also the workplace involvement by unions. The second type of laws are individual labour laws which regulate minimum wage, work hours, workplace safety standards, and the employee termination.

It was only one hundred or so years ago that employers would treat their employees in any way they felt like it at the moment. Often, that would happen against the workers benefit. Most employers were abusive in their demand for long hours. The working environment was dirty and unhealthy. Workers did not receive any extra compensation for that. Health insurance was a concept that didn't even exist. Employees could be fired at any given time.

Employment law was developed as a direct result of this environment during the Industrial Revolution. The unfair worker treatment along with the abuse of child labour were commonplace practices at that time. After so much abuse, it was past time to end this terrible situation and pass laws that set standards to control the workplace.